The Inauguration (of President Obama) and Breakfast for Dinner

When you’re a college student in DC, the presidential inauguration is a big deal. On Monday, many of my friends rolled out of bed at 3 a.m. in order to get to the Metro when it opened at 4 a.m. By the time President Obama arrived at the Capitol, they had already been waiting for hours in the cold. I wasn’t wild about the idea of standing in 30 degree weather for hours and hours, so instead a couple of my friends and I headed down to the Inaugural Parade that morning – we had tickets – and managed to get great seats right across from the White House and the Presidential viewing stand!


More importantly, we were conveniently located near a couple of food trucks and we arrived early enough to beat the lines. I had a delicious brunch of chili con carne and cornbread. One food truck – CrepeLove – even had commemorative Obama chocolates!

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The Inauguration (of my blog)

Hi. I’m Casey, a college student in the DC area and an aspiring chef.

I want this blog to be a sort of chronicle of my food education. Right now I’m an undergrad majoring in Print Journalism and minoring in Studio Art and French Language. Although I plan to attend culinary school after I earn my degree, I want to learn as much about food, cooking and the restaurant industry as I can before I graduate. Originally, my plan was to learn through experience – currently I’m looking for a job – ANY job – in a DC restaurant. But the job search has been fruitless thus far, so I’m starting a food blog in the meantime. This blog will document my attempts to be creative in the kitchen and recount tales of my adventures in DC and the food world. What better way to put my journalism and cooking skills to good use?